10 Ideas for Homemade Christmas Gifts

10 Ideas for Homemade Christmas Gifts

With just a couple of weeks left until the ‘big day’ you may be fully prepared or thinking “what else can I get them for Christmas?”. Perhaps you’re looking for ways to save pennies but still wanting to give a meaningful gift.

Well, there’s nothing more special than a homemade gift! With just a little time, effort, and Christmas cheer, you will have guaranteed smiles and a wonderful Christmas time for all. 

Snow Globes

Snow Globes are a classic Christmas decoration, and can be a charming gift for all ages. With just some simple items (which you may have laying around already), you can recreate your own with a personal touch in a short period of time! From a simple snowy tree, to Santa Claus himself, its up to you! 

Pinecone Decorations

Creating a beautiful woodland decoration could not be easier, and more fun! Take a winter walk into the woods to gather material and bring them home and get ready to be crafty! Grab some string, a glue gun, paints (like gold, silver, white), and some fairy lights and create your masterpiece. There is so many ideas to choose from, pinecone wreaths, trees, garlands – take your pick! 

DIY Star Decorations

You can make these cute decorations with just a few simple materials, but mainly… string! Add a splash of colour how you see fit or leave them with a natural look. These decorations make a sweet gift or can be hung on your own tree! 

Christmas Glassware

This is a great idea for a gift, or even for table settings when having Christmas dinner! All you need is a silver or gold sharpie and some Christmas inspiration, and you can turn any glassware into a decorative item!

DIY Christmas Coasters

Bring some festivity with some homemade coasters that you can design and decorate in any way you like! Using just some air-dry clay, or oven bake, you can have some colourful and fun, or stylish and elegant coasters in few hours, tailored to meet anyone’s tastes. 

Cookie Mix Jars

We all have a sweet tooth at this time of the year, and nothing beats a bit of home baking! These mason jars with a one pot mix for cookies are a perfect gift for a quick and easy bake, with a delicious result. 

Tea Tree

A fun take on a Christmas tree is a Christmas ‘tea tree’ – using simple materials like a cardboard, cones, glue, craft paper, and some individually wrapped tea bags with all sorts of fun flavours and spices, you and create a fun gift that is perfect for the recipients tastes! 

Hot Chocolate Dippers

The perfect sweet treat, a stand-alone gift or part of a pamper package – these hot chocolate dippers are a wonderful treat and a great way to experiment with different flavour combinations, using dark, milk, or white chocolate and an array of toppings. 

Christmas Wax Melts

Nothing says Christmas like a scented candle, or better yet, wax melts! This super simple idea uses minimal materials and quick to do. You’ll be spoilt for choice on ideas for scents, and they make a perfect Christmas gift. 

Christmas Cards

Create some stylish, monochromatic Christmas cards this year, using various printing methods like leaf printing, potato printing and brush stroke lettering. A simple, yet trendy design that will show off your creative edge. 

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